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Posted on: May 8, 2009 8:34 pm

Favre a Viking?

So...does anyone really think Brett Favre is thinking seriously about playing in the NFL again?  He's 39.  Beat up.  Got a busted up arm that needs a little surgery this offseason.  Doesn't like to get hit anymore.  Are you seeing where I'm going?  Yes, the man is a first ballot hall of famer.  Duh.  But will he make the Vikings that much better?  He would if he could play defensive back maybe.  I know, I can hear your thoughts now..."he's better than anything we have now."  True...but what do the Vikings have at quarterback?  Tjack?  Probably the dumbest qb in the NFL right now.  Great physical tools.  A little light between the ears.  Makes Daunte Culpepper look like a Rhodes scholar.  Sage?  Are you serious?  The Vikings payed 9 million bucks for a career backup?  Who made that stupid call?  And let me finish with this...does anyone think Chilly can coach up quarterbacks after seeing the great job he's done turning TJack into a top flight NFL quarterback?  I don't either...

Does Minnesota still have an NBA team?  Is McHale out of the organization?  What's he got on Taylor that allows him to keep his job?  Most of us who performed that poorly in our current professions would have been fired a LONG time ago.  It's the fishing opener in Minnesota this weekend.  Someone send him up north to his cabin, and then take the man's car keys. 

So the Golden Gopher men's athletic programs are the tenth best in the Big Ten in terms of academic performance?  Wait a minute.  There are ELEVEN teams in the conference, so that means they're almost at the bottom.  Something to be truly proud of.

Sorry to be so pessimistic.  We've got some things to get worked out in Minnesota in terms of college and pro sports. 

By the way...sitting here watching the Capitals and the Penguins beat the snot out of each other in game four.  Not sure who I would take.  Ovechkin or Syd the kid.  They're both outstanding of course, but I think Alex might be a better defensive player than Crosby, but I think they're dead even in other aspects of the game.  Wouldn't mind starting a team with either of them!

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