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Posted on: January 25, 2009 9:19 pm

Warner's a lock!

So we're hearing all of a sudden that Kurt Warner doesn't belong in the Hall of Fame?  Or at least needs to win on Sunday to become a first ballot lock.  Who's kidding who?

I loved Pete Prisco's article on this whole debate.  The comparison with Joe Namath was perfect.  Why is a boozing skirt chaser like Joe Willie in the Hall of Fame, and Kurt Warner has to win on Sunday to get into that same Hall of Fame?  Doesn't character count for anything in our society anymore?  And say nothing of statistics!  Joe's Super Bowl stats were pedestrian at best.  You can make the argument that era's are different, styles of play are different, and whatever.   Don't buy it at all.

This guy has been to two Super Bowls, and won one.  MVP awards?  You betcha.  Success against LONG odds!  Tons of that.  What's wrong with a guy who appreciates everything he has and gives credit to God instead of himself and his "peeps".  I hate to say this, but Warner is fighting a bias in the media and mainstream culture against the Christian faith and God in general.  If Kurt was caughting screwing around on his wife, constantly self promoting, getting in trouble with the law, and then writing a tell all book that was more opinion than factual, he'd be a first ballot Hall of Fame candidate. 

Come on, this guy and this franchise are the ultimate underdogs!  And this country started as the ultimate underdog, didn't it?  How can you not like this guy and this franchise, at least a little bit?  I'm not saying you have to appreciate Warner's religion, although I would love it if you did, but listen...this team hasn't won any kind of championship in sixty years!  The last time they won a title, there wasn't any such thing as the Super Bowl!  In the dictionary under inept, it says see the Cardinals!  That Bidwell family make Al Davis in Oakland look like a genius, and in case you were curious, Al Davis is a living ad for death!  Have you seen the scarecrow out in California lately?  Yuk....

How'd that Matt Leinart draft pick work out Arizona?  Glad Warner's still around? 

I am...


Go Cardinals!  

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